Peter Jacob Maltz


I am an Artist and Tutor. I see myself as a chronicler on a pilgrim to the unknown. During this pilgrimage I document visually my personal life, the culture and society around me and everyday life. I believe that my drawings and sculpture are created out of a hunger to find great meaning in the time we live in.

As for my artistic language, I have been researching for more than ten years the relation between the visual language and structures of narrative (diary writing, storytelling, allegorical literature ) . One of my work`s main characteristics is the juxtaposition of the mundane and spiritual.

The work encompasses the fields of sculpture and drawing and combines a multitude array of abstract and narrative expressive modes.Many of my sculptures are in fact reliefs made in the traditions of assemblage and casts . The reliefs create kind of "death masks" or "sculptural photographs" of an event which occurred in a specific location or document a period in my life.

My drawings almost always are created as a series, which I perceive as chronicles. The drawings are another way of telling stories about the human search for meaning. In these pieces I combine a personal diary attitude with references to the history of art and literature.

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